Making Misty Mountain Hard Cider

I live in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. I find a lot of inspiration in them. Every time I look up, they are different. One of my favorite times is when it rains and the mountains become misty and cloud covered. You see hills and peaks sticking out like islands.

Misty Mountains: Hard Cider Inspiration

Misty mountain hard cider was inspired by these vistas. I used Early Gold apples but you could also use Granny Smiths. The tart dessert base is an excellent foundation for the black raspberries, which add some fruity aroma and give the hard cider a purplish hue: just like the colors I find sometimes in the misty mountains above my home.

Misty Mountain Cider By Prickly Apple Cider
Misty Mountain Hard Cider By Prickly Apple Cider

Make your own Misty Mountain Hard Cider. You can find this hard cider recipe under the hard cider recipe section.

If you need help making Misty Mountain Hard Cider, read my book. It provides all the details you need to make and enjoy hard cider, including a hard cider recipe or two.

You can also leave me a question or comment and I’ll get back with you.

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