Carbonating and Bottling Tips

This page is dedicated to tips and information about carbonating and bottling hard cider. Scroll down for a list of these hard cider making tips or use the following buttons to explore other tips and information for making hard cider. You can also return to Prickly Cider’s home page which has links to hard cider recipes and other ideas for making and enjoying hard cider by clicking here.

Carbonation and Bottling Tips

Did you enjoy these tips on making hard cider? Check out my book to learn more ideas and information on making and enjoying hard cider. It will help you develop a process that matches your desire and equipment. It will also show you how to pair cider with food to maximize your experience. You can find it as an eBook and a 7×10 paperback on Amazon or a 7×10 paperback on Barnes & Noble. Click on these Links to check them out.

2 thoughts on “Carbonating and Bottling Tips

  1. Greetings , Enjoyed your book . I have a question on using CBC -1 use . You mention it’s use in bottle conditioning but no info or chart for amounts to use with added sugar . Please advise . Thanks , Rodrigo


    1. Thank you for reading and the question. Lallemand recommend 0.1grams per liter when using CBC-1 for bottle conditioning (0.37grams per gallon). The amount of sugar you add won’t impact the amount of yeast you need. The yeast will grow and consume the available sugars.

      Hope that helps.


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