Making Flora Dora Cider Mistelle

Making Flora Dora Mistelle

Flora Dora Cider Mistelle Label Flora Dora is another fortified hard cider recipe. It is what I call a cider mistelle. I put mistelles in my Dessert style of ciders. These are ciders with higher levels of alcohol and are normally served with the dessert course. The dryer versions I sometimes serve as apéritifs and … Continue reading Making Flora Dora Cider Mistelle

Making Rock’n Raspberry Hard Cider

Rock’n Raspberry Hard Cider

Rock’n Raspberry Hard Cider: A Craft Cider you can make at home. One apple picking season, I found myself with a good amount of Granny Smith apples for making hard cider but no specific hard cider recipe in mind. Granny Smith is an apple variety that most people associate with pies but you can make … Continue reading Making Rock’n Raspberry Hard Cider

Making Misty Mountain Hard Cider

Making Misty Mountain Cider

I live in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. I find a lot of inspiration in them. Every time I look up, they are different. One of my favorite times is when it rains and the mountains become misty and cloud covered. You see hills and peaks sticking out like islands. Misty Mountains: Hard Cider … Continue reading Making Misty Mountain Hard Cider