Apple Phenolics: Granny Smith

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Phenolic compounds found in Granny Smith apples. In this Mālus Trivium, I continue Apple Phenolics looking at one of the standard cooking apple the world over: Granny Smith. You may not normally think of Granny Smith apples being a good choice for cider but I would argue that it can make a nice sparkling single … Continue reading Apple Phenolics: Granny Smith

Making Misty Mountain Hard Cider

Making Misty Mountain Cider

I live in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. I find a lot of inspiration in them. Every time I look up, they are different. One of my favorite times is when it rains and the mountains become misty and cloud covered. You see hills and peaks sticking out like islands. Misty Mountains: Hard Cider … Continue reading Making Misty Mountain Hard Cider