Hard Cider: The Local Way

Local Cider

I am a big advocate that hard cider should reflect your local area. If you are lucky enough to live in England, France, Spain, or even some places in the US that have cider apples, maybe local hard cider would means a traditional cider. That could be dry, tannin-rich and farmhouse, keeved and sparkling, or … Continue reading Hard Cider: The Local Way

Making Sunrise Cider

Making Sunrise Cider

Sunrise Cider: Apricot and Apple There is an apricot tree at the apple orchard I frequent and it normally produces a huge crop of apricots. You can see where this is going. Sunrise Cider combines acidic culinary apples with fresh apricots. In my book, The Art & Science of Cider, I provided this cider recipe … Continue reading Making Sunrise Cider

Making Bitter Orange Hard Cider

Making Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange Hard Cider Label I love citrus adjunct hard ciders. This is because I like the bitters and aroma you can get from the peel. My favorites are pink grapefruit, guava, and orange. I think these tend to have a sweetness in the aroma that provides more balance to the bitter and acidic nature … Continue reading Making Bitter Orange Hard Cider

My Favorite Adjunct Hard Ciders

Favorite Adjunct Ciders

Unlike Traditional hard ciders, Adjunct hard ciders have fruits, herbs, vegetables, spices, and other ingredients like honey or oak called adjuncts that change the look, taste, or smell of a hard cider. For me, an Adjunct hard cider should be about the adjunct and less about the apple or the pear. Personally, I also want … Continue reading My Favorite Adjunct Hard Ciders

Making ‘En Chêne Hard Cider

‘En Chêne Hard Cider

I’ve been exploring the use of wood as an adjunct for hard cider. I’ve definitely been having a lot of fun with it. I need to not get carried away this season or I might end up aging every cider on wood. Hmmm... That might be a brilliant idea. Well, ‘En Chêne is a dry … Continue reading Making ‘En Chêne Hard Cider

Making 520 Hard Cider

520 Cider: A Hard Cider of Southern Arizona

This hard cider represents the local area where I live: Southern Arizona. 520 is the area code and my goal with this cider was to reflect the apples that we have here in that area code, which are dessert apples. However, I wanted to also include other local fruits or adjuncts that would be good … Continue reading Making 520 Hard Cider

Making Prickly Apple Hard Cider

Making Prickly Apple Cider

Prickly Apple is my flagship hard cider. After I started making hard cider, I soon realized how much I enjoyed not just drinking it but crafting it as well. I decided that I wanted my hard ciders and hard cider recipes to be based on organic or non-sprayed fruits and adjuncts. I wanted to know … Continue reading Making Prickly Apple Hard Cider

Making Cider Lite Hard Cider

Brewing Hops for Hard Cider: Pan, Hops, Tea Bag

For most people, hard cider isn’t their first drink of choice. That beverage is beer. My goal with this hard cider recipe was to make a cider that would appeal to the beer drinker. While hard cider is fermented like beer, it’s not generally brewed. Brewing involves the use of hot water like making a … Continue reading Making Cider Lite Hard Cider

Making Rock’n Raspberry Hard Cider

Rock’n Raspberry Hard Cider

Rock’n Raspberry Hard Cider: A Craft Cider you can make at home. One apple picking season, I found myself with a good amount of Granny Smith apples for making hard cider but no specific hard cider recipe in mind. Granny Smith is an apple variety that most people associate with pies but you can make … Continue reading Making Rock’n Raspberry Hard Cider

Making Elderflower Hard Cider

Elderflower Cider

I was first exposed to elderflower while visiting Sheppy’s in Somerset, England. It was one of our favorite hard ciders we tried (okay, I had several favorites but I was standing physically in Sheppy's and I am a cider geek). Partly because it was very different from flavors we were accustomed to having in the … Continue reading Making Elderflower Hard Cider