Phoenix Hard Cider Tour

Have you ever taken a hard cider tour? Maybe you are envisioning a walk through the orchard on a fall day before stopping at the barn to buy some apples and a few bottles of hard cider made from a hard cider recipe handed down from 6-7 generations.

That would be awesome but it isn’t the only way to experience hard or sweet cider! You could just take a trip down to the local bottle shop or two.

I put together a slide show of a recent hard cider tour we took to Phoenix. Our ultimate goal was the Cider Corps Cidery in downtown Mesa (, but we stopped at a variety of locations along the way.

Check it out from my Cider Experiences page or click on the following link and enjoy. Cider Tour

Phoenix Cider Tour

Take the tour yourself and drop me a comment about what hard cider you liked best. If you are wondering how to reproduce your favorite hard cider, drop me a note and I’ll give you some ideas. I’ll even help you develop a hard cider recipe of your own.

If you like this, follow my blog for hard cider recipes, tips, and experiences.

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