Making Bitter Orange Hard Cider

Bitter Orange Hard Cider Label
Bitter Orange Hard Cider Label

I love citrus adjunct hard ciders. This is because I like the bitters and aroma you can get from the peel. My favorites are pink grapefruit, guava, and orange. I think these tend to have a sweetness in the aroma that provides more balance to the bitter and acidic nature of the citrus. I also like them because you don’t often lose the aroma of citrus in the fermentation process. You can generally be certain it will be there at the end.

Arizona has a lot of citrus fruit available locally. I even have several trees in the backyard. This also makes it great local fruit adjunct for me to use. However, that’s not the only adjunct I used for this hard cider. Besides including some oranges, I decided to further augment that flavor profile with some hops. Many hops are known for their citrus notes. For this hard cider recipe, I included Citra hops as a dry hop addition in secondary process.

Bitter Orange Hard Cider Recipe
Bitter Orange Hard Cider Recipe

Checkout the hard cider recipe for Bitter Orange in my hard cider recipe section. Here is a direct link as well as a quick link to all my recipes.

I hope you enjoy this hard cider recipe . If you have questions about making hard cider, you can leave me a comment, contact me, or get a copy of my book. It’s now available as both an ebook or a large format full color paperback.

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