The Art & Science of Cider

A Book on Making and Enjoying Cider

I’ve always been a hands-on person with a passion for creating things. That passion has manifested itself in hard cider, not apple juice, but the fermented drink of our forefathers. My passion for hard cider is so strong, I’ve started planning vacations around sampling ciders. I also enjoying hosting friends at cider parties where I’m able to showcase some if our latest cider and food creation. There isn’t much better in life than having friends over for a wonderful meal with a good cider that is followed by an little live music.

Meals and cider parties are just a small portion of the time I spend picking and pressing apples as well as fermenting, filtering, and packaging hard cider. I also spend a fair amount of time researching apples, hard cider, and fermentation. Yes, I enjoy drinking hard cider, but creating it is what I truly find intoxicating. It’s ultimately why I decided to write a book. I wanted to share my passion. It covers my hard cider journey and walks you through the cider making process. It includes hard cider recipes as well and food recipes that use hard cider and pair well with cider. However, this book isn’t a “cookbook” for cider. It’s a method oriented book that helps you understand the cider making process. It also shows you ways to expand your enjoyment of hard cider. Ultimately, I hope it starts you on your own cider journey.

Here are what some people are saying about it.

I’ve been home brewing for 30 years and consider myself an advanced brewer. I recently started making ciders because my wife enjoyed several pints of cider during our trip to the UK last December. I also haven’t found anything locally that compares to English cider 😞. So far your book has been an excellent read. I was in the process of figuring out a few things you covered in detail in your book. I’ll be busy this weekend seeing how I can implement them in my next batch of cider. I would highly recommend this book for people who want to make a balanced cider. If you don’t like Boozy and sweet ciders this is a must read!

S. Burke

I was hooked at the introduction, your words are so familiar to how cider grasped me and how I view the relation to terroir and natural processes. All I can do now is say you’ve made a wonderful guide for home cidermakers and have added lots of encouraging words and even helpful try-yourself cider recipes!

Elegast Cidery

I hope you’ll check it out, and please, let me know if you enjoy it. It’s now available in both an ebook format and a 7”x10” (18cm x 25cm) full-color paperback version. The ebook is only available through Amazon but you can get the paperback from Vigo Presses, Amazon, or Barnes & Nobles. See the links below. If those aren’t available to you, message me and I can figure out how to get one shipped to you.

Now available through Vigo Presses in UK!

Globally, it’s also available through Amazon.

Barnes & Noble Link

If you want to purchase the book from Barnes & Noble, here is a button that will take you there.

Help Me Help Others:

If you’ve read my book and found it helpful, please consider leaving a positive review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Reviews are a big part of how others searching for help on making cider will find my book. Your review will help me, help them. I thank you in advance. Besides the desire to write a book, I have hoped that it would help support the website. Your purchase allows me to maintain and expand this site. I thank you for helping me share my passion for cider with tens of thousands of people from around the world. If you want to explore other ways you can support, check out The Shop & Recommended Products page.

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