Making Flora Dora Cider Mistelle

Making Flora Dora Mistelle

Flora Dora Cider Mistelle Label Flora Dora is another fortified hard cider recipe. It is what I call a cider mistelle. I put mistelles in my Dessert style of ciders. These are ciders with higher levels of alcohol and are normally served with the dessert course. The dryer versions I sometimes serve as apéritifs and … Continue reading Making Flora Dora Cider Mistelle

Making Bitter Orange Hard Cider

Making Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange Hard Cider Label I love citrus adjunct hard ciders. This is because I like the bitters and aroma you can get from the peel. My favorites are pink grapefruit, guava, and orange. I think these tend to have a sweetness in the aroma that provides more balance to the bitter and acidic nature … Continue reading Making Bitter Orange Hard Cider

Making Pink Paradise Hard Cider

Pink Paradise Hard Cider Recipe

Pink Paradise Hard Cider by Prickly Apple Cider Homemade sourdough pizza with a pesto sauce, roasted artichokes and poblano peppers with feta and parmesan cheese: it was superb. We picked the artichokes at a local farm and the sourdough is from my wild starter. I love those sourdough breadsticks so much I included the recipe … Continue reading Making Pink Paradise Hard Cider