West Country Cider Tour

I was told you should do something nice for your spouse after 25 years of marriage. I took mine on a hard cider tour in Somerset, England!

Well, maybe I took her to a Valentines Day High Tea at Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey) and she took me on a West Country Cider Tour. Either way, it was an awesome trip.

While I thoroughly enjoyed checking out places like Stonehenge and Highclere, what I really loved was driving the back roads of Somerset in our Duster and stopping at different cideries. I was able to check out the operations of the cidery and walk around the orchard. The most fun was interacting with some of the people working at the cideries. I was able to talk about how they made their hard ciders.

I thought this hard cider tour was best shown through pictures. Checkout the slide show in the following link or go to my Cider Experience page where I have several tours and experiences available for review.

https://spark.adobe.com/page-embed.jsWest Country Cider Tour

As I mention in my book, there are lots of ways to experience apples and hard cider. Some involve being fully submerged into the hard cider process while others can be a nice dinner with a fine glass of hard cider.

Get my book for more ideas on experiencing cider or learning to make your own.

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