Scotch Eggs and Cider

Scotch Eggs and Flamin’ Hops Cider

When we traveled through the West Country in England, we had a list places that we wanted to visit. Of course, those places included numerous cideries along with numerous historical sites like Stonehenge, Highclere Castle, and Glastonbury Tor. However, one of our other goals was to sample various foods. We had high tea at Highclere … Continue reading Scotch Eggs and Cider

Hard Cider: Think Local

Local Hard Cider

In the US, there is a small but growing trend called Farm-to-Table. It could also be called eat local or know your farmer. Personally, it speaks to me, and the way it speaks the loudest is through the hard cider that I make. My wife and I love to cook and try new foods and … Continue reading Hard Cider: Think Local

London Cider

Skyline from St. Paul’s

When you fly halfway around the world to London, what should be your main objective? Drinking hard cider of course! Okay, maybe we wanted to check out a few sites but sampling hard ciders was still top on my priority list. I always say you don’t need to go to the orchard or cidery to … Continue reading London Cider

West Country Cider Tour

England Cider Tour Map

I was told you should do something nice for your spouse after 25 years of marriage. I took mine on a hard cider tour in Somerset, England! Well, maybe I took her to a Valentines Day High Tea at Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey) and she took me on a West Country Cider Tour. Either … Continue reading West Country Cider Tour