Cider Adventures: Porto, Portugal

Cider Adventures: Porto

Cider can be found anywhere. Yes, you have to look harder in Portugal than you do in France or the United Kingdom, but it’s there. Part of all my cider adventures includes planning, and I actually enjoy it. Just like vacation, we usually like to have a rough plan or outline of what we want … Continue reading Cider Adventures: Porto, Portugal

Cider Adventures: Brittany France

Cider Adventure - Vannes, France

If you are a cider and apple geek like me, your vacations might often turn into cider adventures. No matter where I go, I am always seeking new ciders and apples to try. My wife thought we were going to Highclere for a valentine’s tea. The reality was because it was on the way to … Continue reading Cider Adventures: Brittany France

Summer Cider Tour

Summer Cider Tour

It’s August and that means it’s time for our annual cider tour to Phoenix. Usually, that involves a lunch stop at Phoenix’s only cidery, Cider Corp, to sample their latest creations while getting a bite to eat from a food truck parked out front or their pizza oven. Face masks and social distancing changed that … Continue reading Summer Cider Tour

A Cider Trip: The New Normal

Cider Trip: New Normal

Earth Log: June 21, 2118 We emerged from our shelter today to a new world. A world filled with empty restaurants and most everyone walking around with masks. We did see some dinosaurs without face coverings but I’m pretty sure they are on their way to extinction in our area of the world. But in … Continue reading A Cider Trip: The New Normal

London Cider

Skyline from St. Paul’s

When you fly halfway around the world to London, what should be your main objective? Drinking hard cider of course! Okay, maybe we wanted to check out a few sites but sampling hard ciders was still top on my priority list. I always say you don’t need to go to the orchard or cidery to … Continue reading London Cider

West Country Cider Tour

England Cider Tour Map

I was told you should do something nice for your spouse after 25 years of marriage. I took mine on a hard cider tour in Somerset, England! Well, maybe I took her to a Valentines Day High Tea at Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey) and she took me on a West Country Cider Tour. Either … Continue reading West Country Cider Tour

Phoenix Hard Cider Tour

Have you ever taken a hard cider tour? Maybe you are envisioning a walk through the orchard on a fall day before stopping at the barn to buy some apples and a few bottles of hard cider made from a hard cider recipe handed down from 6-7 generations. That would be awesome but it isn’t … Continue reading Phoenix Hard Cider Tour