London Cider

When you fly halfway around the world to London, what should be your main objective?

Drinking hard cider of course!

Okay, maybe we wanted to check out a few sites but sampling hard ciders was still top on my priority list.

I always say you don’t need to go to the orchard or cidery to experience cider but when you can, it makes for a great experience.

I invite you to join me as I take you on my London Cider Tour and culminates with a stop for pizza and hard cider at Hawkes Cidery. Cider

Click the above picture to see my Adobe Spark page and enjoy. If it doesn’t make you want to visit London and drink some hard cider, nothing will.

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You can also check out my book for details on making and experiencing hard cider. It everything you need to know to make your own craft hard cider, which include step-by-step hard cider recipes.

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