Non-Saccharomyces Yeast: Lachancea thermotolarens Results

Cider Making Results Using Lachancea thermotolarens

I tested 3 samples of the strain Lachancea thermotolarens from the USDA last year. Lachancea thermotolarens is a very interesting yeast and I suggest reading my overview if you want to explore it in more detail. I also explored Pichia kluyveri, Candida zemplinina, and Hanseniaspora uvarum. Just search non-Saccharomyces on the site or look for … Continue reading Non-Saccharomyces Yeast: Lachancea thermotolarens Results

Alternative Cider Yeast: Lachancea thermotolerans Overview

Alternative Cider Yeast: Lachancea thermotolerans Overview

As I noted in my Mâlus Trivium post about potential alternative yeast for hard cider, there are several I plan to trial for the next season so I thought I would highlight each. One of those is Lachancea thermotolerans. The Lanchancea genus is a relatively newcomer from a classification perspective. In 2003, a new multi-gene … Continue reading Alternative Cider Yeast: Lachancea thermotolerans Overview

Nachos & Hard Cider: Vegetarian Style

Nachos & Hard Cider

Earth Log: May 21, 2086 Okay, it’s not 2086 but it’s starting to feel like every day in isolation is a year! All I know is that I am anxiously looking forward to this year’s apple harvest so I can go pick apples in the orchard. The problem, I still have decades to go at … Continue reading Nachos & Hard Cider: Vegetarian Style