Products and Recommendations: Tilt Hydrometer

I’m been hesitant about adding advertisements to Prickly Cider but I regularly get asked about different products. I decided to setup the Prickly Cider Shop and Recommended Products Page. This page allows me a way to provide recommendations for products that I find useful. I’ve setup links to Amazon through their Affiliation Program. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, you can help Prickly Cider by simply using the links found on The Shop Page to make your purchase. You won’t pay more for the products but, Prickly Cider will earn a small commission if you use these links to buy them. This gives you the opportunity to help support Prickly Cider and get some great products. Thanks in advance if you use these links.

Even if you aren’t interested in using Amazon to acquire these products, I’d still encourage you to checkout the page. I’ve only listed products that I purchased, use, and find to be valuable to my cider making process. They are products I think could help you enjoy cider making too. If you have question about these or other products, contact me. I may have tried them or know someone who has and can share the experience. I am also alway interested in exploring new products that might improve my cider making process. Ultimately, I hope you find this page and the products helpful. I hope to expand it in the future and make it even more useful. Here is the link again.

Right now, my favorite product remains my Tilt Hydrometers. They are not inexpensive but the standard model is also not excessively expensive. You might want to drop some hints around your birthday or holiday time. I personally like them because I can track my fermentation without sampling or even opening the fermenter. This helps to understand when ferments are complete or when to take action if you are trying to stall a fermentation. They take the guess work out of your specific gravity measurements and they give you insights into the real temperature of your cider as it ferments. Here is their website if you want to explore more details or click on the below photo.

Tilt Hydrometer
Tilt Hydrometer

They now offer a new Pro model and even have a high gravity version. The standard model works well for my home setup. I currently have two and some days wish my PLAATO airlock was a third. If you like experimenting with yeast, are often trying to make a naturally sweet cider, or are always wondering if your cider is done fermenting, it’s a great product to have. Just remember that you can only have one of each color per app so don’t order 2-3 black models unless you are planning to give the extras to friends. You need to order different colors as the app will only read one of each color. Start with your favorite colors and work down the list.

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