The 2020 Home Cider Makers Wish List

As 2020 comes to an end you may be celebrating one of many various holidays or you just may be celebrating that 2020 is actually almost over. Regardless of whether you are celebrating something, just finished pressing apples for the season, or are ramping up for the the coming harvest, I thought it would be a great time to talk about potential upgrades to your current process and kit. Therefore, I asked a variety of home hard cider makers from around the world and of different experience levels to share their equipment/product wishlist. I also asked them to give me the webpage link for the product in case you wanted to check it out in more detail.

Each collaborator was asked to assess four categories and tell me the product they wished they had in each. These categories are 1) Apple Processing, 2) Fermentation, 3) Aging and Bottling, and 4) Wildcard (Their Pick). Let’s explore their selections and why.

What apple processing equipment is on your wishlist?

Product: Speidel Apple and Pear Mill

Speidel Apple Mill

Why is this on the wishlist?

This product was chosen by three reviewers from different countries but for the same reason. It’s a workhorse and it creates a pomace that is optimal for pressing. It’s not cheap but if you are going to process a fair amount of apples or pears, it’s worth it.

Product: Hydropress

Speidel Hydropress - Stainless

Why is this on the wishlist?

Yield. This was chosen because when you want more yield from your fruit and you want to process more apples, a hydropress is your solution and a stainless one is really pretty.

Product: Correll Cider Press

Correll Cider Press


Why is this on the wishlist?

Besides being custom built from American Eastern Ash and a beautiful reflection of an heirloom press, Correll presses are easy to use and last forever.

Product: Kuvings CS700X

Kuvings CS709X


Why is this on the wishlist?

If you don’t like milling and pressing, this wide mouth juicer will run 24/7 without overheating and since it’s a low RPM masticating juicer, it won’t heat or oxidize your juice. It’s also relatively small and compact for convenient storage. But, it’s not cheap.

What fermentation equipment is on your wishlist?

Product: Super Transfer Variable Speed Pump

Transfer Pump


Why is this on the wishlist?

If you start pressing large volumes of juice and large fermenters, you are going to wish you had this. The transfer pump makes the process of moving juice and cider so much easier. You will be amazed by the uses you can find for a pump like this.

Product: Speidel 60-500 liter Fermenters

60l Barrel - Speidel

Why is this on the wishlist?

Again, recommended by two separate contributors, large thick-walled Speidel fermenters. One was interested in getting fewer larger containers to mange while the other advocated for the wide mouth and easy to clean features. One also noted that the thick walled HDPE made them a great option for long-term storage as well.

Product: Raspberry Pii

Raspberry Pi

Why is this on the wishlist?

Once you get a Tilt Hydrometer (or two, or three), you are going to want to start logging the entire fermentation process. That means you will want to buy a Raspberry Pi.

What aging and bottling equipment is on your wishlist?

Product: Mark II Bottle Washer

Bottle Washer


Why is this on the wishlist?

This was on the wishlist because it takes the drudgery out of bottle washing, which as we all know is the worst parts of bottling day.

Product: Plastic PET Bottles

Plastic 1 Liter Bottles

Why is this on the wishlist?

Two-liter bottles would be even better but the one-liter come in a 24 pack, are easy to use, and work well for still or carbonated hard ciders. This contributor like their cider still.

Product: Champagne Bottles

Champagne- Sparkling Cider Bottles

Why is this on the wishlist?

Champagne bottles were recommended because they can handle 4-5 volumes CO2 without issues. That means you don’t need to worry as much if you want to try a carbonation or back sweetening experiment.

What other interesting products are on your wishlist?

Product: Star San

Star San Sanitizer: Hard Cider Equipment and bottle sanitizer.


Why is this on the wishlist?

I makes sanitation simple and you don’t need to worry about bleach or residue. It’s a basic thing, but sometimes the basics are the most important. It’s a product I personally use and recommend on The Shop Page.

Product: Apple Trees

Why is this on the wishlist?

Whether it’s scion wood for grafting or full trees, this wishlist item was identified by a couple contributors. Without the apple, we have no cider. Consider expanding your hard cider by expanding your apple selection – especially Dabinett, Kingston Black (if they don’t get canker and die), Harrison, or Hewe’s Crab.

Product: Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer

Carboy & Keg Washer


Why is this on the wishlist?

Cleaning up after a long day of cider making can be a challenge. This product makes it so much easier and it does a wide range of equipment – buckets, kegs, and carboys.

Hopefully, this gives you some interesting ideas about what other home cider makers are thinking and maybe gave you an idea or two for how you could upgrade your product or process. Check out The Shop Page for links to other products that you might find useful. Regardless, I want to thanks those from to the Amateur Cider Making and Cider Apples & Cider-Making members that assisted me and provided valuable input: Robin Bornoff, Dennis Burks, Curt Henry, and Kevin Strange. It’s great to collaborate with other people that are also passionate about cider.

Just in case you are wondering, I have no affiliation or compensation arrangements with any of these products. If you enjoy this and my other articles, you can always support me by getting a copy of my book or leaving me a positive review from where you obtained your copy. Those reviews have a big impact on whether others find my book or not. Check out the Here is where you can currently find it.

If you don’t need a book but enjoyed this article, you can always just follow me. I’ll send you similar articles about making, experiencing, and enjoying hard cider. Thanks for reading.

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