Hard Cider Tip #7: Adopt a Mascot

Okay, this post is a little tongue-in-cheek but you need a good mascot to make great hard cider. Every business, website, blog, or home needs a mascot, Here at Prickly Apple Cider, we have “G”.

G: Official Prickly Apple Cider Mascot
G: Official Prickly Apple Cider Mascot

Her life is demanding and often filled with peril but someone has to do it. Without G, I wouldn’t have anyone to proof my newest hard cider recipe or adjust the lighting for my next hard cider blog photo. As far as palates go, we think hers is the best in the house. Too bad she refuses to contribute to the tasting discussions. She is just too busy with all her many jobs to sit back and taste hard cider with us.

I put together a compilation of all her many duties and tasks in support of Prickly Apple Cider. If you aren’t into hard cider, don’t need real tips for making hard cider, or have enough hard cider recipes, maybe this will at least brighten your day. I’d suggest you open a Bitter Red hard cider and enjoy. Just like G, it’s a little sweet, a little sharp, and a little bitter (maybe that’s biter) with a ton of character. Click here or on the below photo to launch the Adobe Spark page.

https://spark.adobe.com/page-embed.js“G” The Mascot

As you can see, it’d be impossible to get much done around Prickly Apple Cider if we didn’t have such a great mascot. She has to guard the apples while they sweat in the office before pressing. She has to check on the hard cider cabinet to ensure no cider goes missing or is served before it’s ready. She has to proof my next hard cider recipe and blog article.

I hope you have your own mascot to help you with your daily tasks. The ones you adopt always seem to be the best and I hope you’ll look to one of the shelters in your area if you are looking for new mascot.

As always, if you need real tips for making hard cider or a new hard cider recipe, please check out those sections on the website. I’ve provided quick links below as well as a link to my book, which walks you through all aspects of making and experiencing hard cider.

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