Cider Lite Hard Cider Recipe

Cider Lite Hard Cider Recipe
Cider Lite Hard Cider Recipe

My Cider Lite hard cider recipe makes an off-dry hopped hard cider. The Belle Saison yeast should process all the fermentable sugars but you’ll get a little residual sweetness from the pear juice. This gives a slight balance to the acid and tannins you will get from the pomegranate and hops. You should get some nice bitter and hoppy notes from this hard cider.

The color should be clear and slightly amber to reddish with a medium level of carbonation. The ABV should be in the 5-6% range. The mouthfeel should be medium to heavy. I enjoy pairing this hard cider with spicy foods. It works well with Mexican as well as Thai.

Try it with your favorite spicy dish and let me know how you like it. If you have questions, leave a comment or check out my hard cider tips section or book for more details.

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