Cider Words: Interesting but Uncommonly Used

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Interesting and uncommon words related to hard cider. In my reading, discussions, and research, I have come across a variety of words that I found to be interesting. They are usually uncommon or at least I don’t tend to use them often. I thought it would be fun to explore some of these interesting words … Continue reading Cider Words: Interesting but Uncommonly Used

Making ‘En Chêne Hard Cider

‘En Chêne Hard Cider

I’ve been exploring the use of wood as an adjunct for hard cider. I’ve definitely been having a lot of fun with it. I need to not get carried away this season or I might end up aging every cider on wood. Hmmm... That might be a brilliant idea. Well, ‘En Chêne is a dry … Continue reading Making ‘En Chêne Hard Cider

Making Pippin Magic Hard Cider

Making Pippin Magic - Hard Cider

Pippin Magic has been one of my favorite hard ciders of the 2019 harvest. I used Newtown Pippin apples, which are also known as Albemarle Pippin apples. The apple was a chance seedling, grown from an apple seed or pip, found in Newtown, New York in the late 1600s or early 1700s. It was taken … Continue reading Making Pippin Magic Hard Cider