Misty Mountain Hard Cider Recipe

Volume: 1 Gallon

Misty Mountain Cider By Prickly Apple Cider
Misty Mountain Cider By Prickly Apple Cider


  • 16 Pounds Organic Early Gold Apples
  • 8 Ounces Organic Blackberries
  • SafAle S-04 Yeast


  • Press the blackberries and freeze the juice.
  • Press and ferment the apples using SafAle S-04.
  • Rack the cider and age for 4 weeks.
  • Thaw the blackberry juice and add it to the aged cider.
  • Immediately filter the cider with the juice using a 0.5 micron filter. You want the cider to be clear and remove the yeast. (I don’t use sulfites so this helps prevent fermentation starting again.)
  • Force carbonate the cider to 2.75 volumes of CO2.
  • Package, chill, and serve.

This hard cider recipe is acid-forward with a pretty reddish hue. The hard cider will pair well with seafood, fish, or something with nuanced flavors. The acid will help cleanse the palate and the nose will be slightly fruity.

Do you need more details?

My book covers all the details of making craft hard cider.

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