Making Garden Cider

Some of our favorite memories are often centered around food. Most major events in our lives include food and when that food is exceptional, it elevates the entire experience. As a result, food Aromas and tastes can often be a trigger for great memories. My wife has a saying “Make a memory”, which is her way of saying she had a great time and wants us to file that away for the future. I find when that memory involve food, it’s easier for me to remember.

Garden Cider is a hard cider recipe that came from one of those “make a memory” moments. On a whim while walking the streets of London, we decided to stop at The Woodlands Restaurant for dinner. We could tell it was Indian cuisine and it looked inviting. It was an awesome experience and it was made even better because of the hard cider I had, which was a Plum & Ginger from The Garden Cider Company. They have a great concept and you should check them out. When my orchard told me they had some red plums ready, I knew it was time to make my own Plum & Ginger hard cider. I also knew I wanted to pay homage to The Garden Cider Company. Thus, my Garden Cider hard cider recipe was born.

Garden Cider Label: A Plum and Ginger Adjunct Hard Cider
Garden Cider Label: A Plum and Ginger Adjunct Hard Cider

Since I knew I was using plum and ginger adjuncts for this hard cider recipe, I went with a dessert apple juice base. In this situation, I used Early Gold apples but you could use Granny Smith or other similar apples that have a good acid base. I used a red plum picked and juiced earlier from the same orchard since plums ripen earlier than the apples. I just set it in the refrigerator the night before and on the counter as I pressed my apples to let is get up to room temperature. The ginger I add in the secondary. The color of this turned out as a nice amber hue. I did back sweeten this with a touch of organic stevia just to cut the acid and ginger burn.

Garden Cider: A Plum and Ginger Adjunct Hard Cider
Garden Cider: A Plum and Ginger Adjunct Hard Cider

Every time I pull out a bottle I’m reminded of a wonderful February evening in London tucked away at a toasty table in the Woodlands restaurant where my wife and I enjoyed the best Indian cuisine we’ve ever had and a trip that we will remember forever. It was one of those “make a memory moments. Want to make your own memory moment with some Garden Cider? Go check out this plum and ginger hard cider recipe. If you need more tips, browse the hard cider tips section. You can also drop me a note or get a copy of my book. I’m always glad to help you make and enjoy hard cider.

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