Scion Wood

I have found various apples that I think are interesting for cider. You can find many of these referenced in some of my articles (Apples of Unknown Origin & Favorite Apples of 2020) as well as in the apple database in my book. If you are interested in acquiring scion wood or bud wood from any of these, I would be happy to try to get you some. I cut my scion wood from the last years growth. Most pieces are 5-8 inches long. Shipments are limited to the continental United States. I normally ship USPS. I don’t have large amounts of scion wood and offer this to support the propagation of interesting varieties. If you desire other varieties that I have referenced, please contact me and we can’t work out the details.

Super Yellow Scion Wood

Super Yellow is an unknown rootstock with extremely high sugar and acid and moderate aroma and tannins. Package is 5 scions from last year’s growth ranging from 5-8 inches. Shipping is via USPS and included but limited to the continental United States. Quantities are limited.


NameBrixSGpHTemp(F)TA (g/l)
Super Yellow 26.41.1022.9472.321.5
Apple Database

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